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"I’m an artist from the Brighton Park a neighborhood on south side of Chicago. Not much positive can be said about growing up in that neighborhood due to its gang violence but as you should know a lotus flower can grow in the dirtiest waters and still blossom. My brother would often draw, possibly to stir his mind away from the violence that was happening outside, as I would watch I grew inspired to do the same redrawing Todd McFarlanes’s spawn, cowboy bebop and even a short super hero comic in 1996. Soon after I would grow into liking skate boarding and occasionally piercing my friends without the proper knowledge, as 18 came (2005) I would get my first professional piecing by Oscar Martinez (Chucky/Chux) at a shop that was in my neighborhood called Infinite Ink Owned by Rick Serna. The love, knowledge, and enthusiasm Oscar have for this profession encouraged me to do the same and in a week of being 18 I would come in again and ask for an apprenticeship to learn how to free hand pierce. Two years in I would start to slowly learn how to tattoo and would fall in love with that art even more."

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