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Danya Red Legs is a well-known tattoo artist tattooing in the outskirts of Minneapolis. Also tattooing in New Mexico and Texas shops. He specializes in large scale, wild-life,realISm and cover-ups.  Danya has been published in several tattoo magazines over the past decade. He has also won 1st place awards for his work, including two at the Tattoo convention in Deadwood South Dakota in 2011 for black and grey and bio-mechanical. 
Danya has traveled to many shops in many states. This has helped develop him as an artist; he has soaked up the knowledge of the great artists that have come before him. Applying such skill, he is able to capture elegance to famine tattoos, and an edge to muscular ones.  Danya has a special way to achieve flow on the body and give the tattoo a realistic feel.
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